Where it all Started


where the sad music started for me.

It was my freshman year in high school which turned me on to sad music. I had left the school of all my best friends and entered into a new school full of people I don’t know or want to know. Around this time is where I met one of my best friends, Devin, he was just like me. He liked music and had an attitude of ” not giving a fuck ” which is probably my favorite part about him. I had the same attitude as well and I think he noticed that, from there on out we were good friends or in his words “acquaintances” because friends aren’t forever. We sat in the same spot everyday at school listening to music and sharing videos with each other. Around that time I started feeling depressed from not really having many friends and still to this day I feel the same. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from but who knows. Back to what this post is about, my friend came up to me one day and said “Hey have you ever listened this guy Lil Peep?”. I told him I haven’t listened to him but I may have seen a picture of him. Sure enough the boy with colored hair and intriguing face tattoos that I had seen in that photo was him. I immediately started listening to his music not just his popular songs but his underground music. The music he first started making to be more exact. It turns out he had only been making music a few months before I started listening to him. Which made it easy for me to follow his music and embed all of his song names into my brain. 

        His music was deep, it hits you hard, almost like a knife stabbing you in the chest. You can feel his emotions in his music and for me it feels good to know he struggled with what I struggled with. I listen to his music everyday just to remind me that life is going to be okay but a lot of the times I just wake up not wanting to be here. By listening to his music it made me want to make music so I started making music like his. I mostly just talk about problems in my life through music or I just make music for fun to keep me happy. Unfortunately Peep died of an overdose last year and my heart and my brain was completely broken and to this day it still is. 

I want anybody that reads this to go listen to ” Star Shopping ” and tell me it doesn’t bring tears to your eyes because you can’t. It’s almost impossible, that song just shows how strong his music is. As soon as you hear the words ” Look at the sky tonight all of the stars have a reason “, you can feel the pain he’s going through during that song. If you watch the ” Star Shopping ” video with the pictures of him when he was little you realize just how beautiful his soul was. It’s really hard to grasp that he isn’t alive anymore especially for me but I know a lot of my friends feel the same way. It seems that his sad lyrics and vocals are the only music I like. I’ll never stop listening to Peep that’s for sure I love that guy way to much to let his music die.    


large peep